I am an artist, a collector, An Observer, And A Result of a child who got mADe fun of for playing with trasH…

My name is Zoe Griffing Heller, a 23 year old- ohio born- multi-media artist. After receiving my BFA in Photography at Columbus College of Art and Design. I moved out to Oakland, California where I currently reside and instruct art at Cedars Fine Art Studios- an adult day program for adults with disabilities. My personal work is a reflection how I react and interact with the world. Sometimes feeling like I am just merely an outsider watching the pages turn. I am inspired by society and its patterns, the mixing of natural and man made objects, inner workings of mental illnesses and its deviants, trash in conjunction with the phrase “ones woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure”, color and the ever so delicate subconscious.

Outside of the fine art world I have spent the past couple years in retouching, teaching, assisting as a digital teach, as well as leading my own life style and product photography for different brands in the bay area. Currently have a studio space and located in Oakland.