Grounded was started durning a time of deep recovery and self discovery. I found myself turning away from the world of consumerism, materialism, modern beauty standards and refocused my thoughts on my immediate environment as I found it. I often found refuge hidden between trees and underneath star lit skies untouched by light pollution. However I found it hard to completely escape human presence - no matter where I was. Discarded trash, traces of wrappers, glass, plastics… the list goes on. The process after turned from “how do I avoid modern society” to “how can I live among it and still thrive”. Grounded was the creation I never expected to form. The process of collecting already decreased insects, broken car glass, objects from the street, and thrown away paper, bits of washed up plastic was just as important as putting all pieces together to create the narrative between all the different worlds in my head, my own personal troubles, society, and the natural world. Each object and insect was found or given to me while rummaging around. Using my scanner bed as the only tool for manipulation and photoshops simple tool Camera Raw to adjust saturation and color - it helped reflect the chaotic relationship between these three worlds.

Objects: Bees from Davis CA, passenger side window glass from Berkeley, paper from West Oakland

Objects: Grub from San Rafael, discarded sugar packets from West Oakland.

Objects: Flies from Emeryville CA, Flowers from San Rafael, Paper from West Oakland.

Objects: Dead horse flies from Marin, nails from West Oakland, and back windshield glass from Ross CA

Objects: Dead insects wrapped in spider web

Objects: Dragon fly wing found in dirt in Marin , broken car glass from down town Oakland


Objects: Horse fly from Marin, car glass from west Oakland

Object: Manually fiber striped leaf from south San Rafael, From stop motion project.

Objects: Fly collected in West Oakland, glass from passenger side window collected in Berkeley CA


Objects: Gifted Rat foot, flower collected in San Jose

123 - one013.jpg

Objects: Shattered mirror pieces from West Oakland, Clover from San Rafael.


Objects: Fly collected in Marin, Car glass collected in Marin, flower from West Oakland.

i need you.jpg

Objects: Car glass from Berkeley, Horse flies from San Rafael, Nails from West Oakland.